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In this episode, Brent + Geoff to the life of Joseph to discuss the reality that each person is accountable for their actions toward God, regardless of how they've been mistreated by others. They also marvel at God's grace that He can powerfully use people who came from terrible circumstances.

This episode originally aired in 2009 on the HopeFM Radio Network, a ministry of Calvary Chapel of Marlton, NJ

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In this episode, Brent + Geoff continue their look at Hebrews 11 and discuss the differences between those raised in the faith and those who weren't. The Bible is clear that we can't blame our circumstances on the failures of our parents and conversely, being raised in a godly environment does not mean that each individual has made a personal commitment to follow Christ. Brent + Geoff also have different opinions on roller-coasters. 

Originally aired on HopeFM in 2008

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In this episode, Brent + Geoff recount the life of Joseph from Genesis 37-50. Even though Joseph was left alone by every one in his life, He always knew that God was with him and that led him to lead a life of integrity.


Originally aired November 11, 2006 on the HopeFM Radio Network

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